Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trevor Wishart - Audible Design (Orpheus the Pantomime, 2002)

Along with his book on sound transformation Audible Design: A Plain and Easy Introduction to Sound Composition, York by way of Leeds sonic arts legend Trevor Wishart included an audio companion demonstrating some of the detailed techniques in action. Though the book itself is scantly available, Wishart has posted a complimentary essay that might give some context to the madness contained within.

Divorced from its text, the recording acts almost like a bizarre and incoherent book on tape. Wishart divides each chapter into sections, revealing the near endless array of digital media tricks up his sleeves. Simple vocal inflections are run through a gauntlet of audio processes, warping pitch, timing, and sonic character. Though not quite the same without the book's guide, those wishing to give their best Wishart imitation should investigate his Sound Loom software.

Audible Design


  1. Thanks for this, really like Machine by him....Do you know if the 3LP box set Electronic Music From York (YES 2-4) is being shared anywhere?