Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Michel Waisvisz - Crackle (FMP, 1978)

Michel Waisvisz was a Dutch musician perhaps most noted for his invention, the Crackle Box. The Crackle Box is a self-powered, self-amplified synthesize, the use of which is completely gestural. Inspiration for the box came from childhood experiences touching the circuitry of shortwave radios. His Crackle Box was initially produced by Steim in a run of 400. Sadly, the world lost Waisvisz in June of 2008. He is survived by the resumed production of the Crackle Box.

Crackle was produced for FMP in 1978 using the Crackle Box, a mouth organ, a bizarre VC3, and a springboard created by fellow instrument builder Hugh Davies. The resulting performances are lively and playful, but with a viscerality sometimes absent from electronic creations. The hands-on nature of its creation is clearly translated and is certainly a key component in the album's attraction.


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