Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Franco Battiato - Clic (Bla Bla, 1974; BMG, 1998)

Can't argue with a somewhat indirect ode to Stockhausen from the inimitable Franco Battiato! Though only some of the signature Battato elements are present--the lush VCS3 giving both dense waves and undulating arpeggatios, heisted classical elements, the clever use of concrète and minimalist touches, his lovely singing voice--the result is unmistakably Battiato. In place of the juicy guitars and heavy drum grooves, we find shortwave radio workouts and moments resembling sound poetry. Particularly fun are the synthesized bagpipes tying together "No U Turn". While his knack for grooves is certainly missed on this release, his imagination shines through on these stylistic exercises.


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