Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Musique Concréte Soundtracks To Experimental Short Films, Vol. 3 & 4 (New England Electric Music Company, 2001/6)

Marching onward, we have two more volumes of the Musique Concréte Soundtracks To Experimental Short Films series. A reduction in staff this time, though without a doubt maintaining a competitive stride with quality. The third volume narrows the time frame to 1962 through 1964, looking at Pierre Henry's sountrack to a documentary about the cephalopod and another ferocious offering from Kotoński. The fourth volume singles in on some Bernard Parmegiani works, one from 1966 and the other from 1967.

Volume three features:
Pierre Henry - Les Amours de la Pleuvre (dir: Painleve, 1964)
Wlodzimierz Kotoński - Labyrinthe (dir: Lenica, 1962)

And on the fourth we find:
Bernard Parmegiani - Steinberg (dir: Kassovitz, 1966)
Bernard Parmegiani - L'Arraignelephant (dir: Kamler, 1967)

Didn't fair as well tracking down the accompanying films this time, but Jan Lenica's Labyrinthe is a breathtaking stop motion work and should at least suffice until the remaining two volumes appear. Actually, L'Arraignelephant turned up as well!


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