Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CCMC - aCCoMpliCes (Victo, 1998)

CCMC in this incarnation is the improvising trio of Michael Snow, Paul Dutton and John Oswald (they were much larger in number and varied in clientele some twenty years prior), recorded here during a slew of live performances beginning in the summer of 1996 and covering three more performances. The dates find Snow largely behind the piano and synth and Oswald forgoing any plundering in favor of a particularly guttural alto sax. Dutton remains true to his rep as Canada's favorite vocal acrobat. Despite the scattering over time, there is a surprising level of fluidity between the pieces. Oswald and Dutton mesh particularly well, sputtering as if the two are leeching back and forth off the same pair of lungs.


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