Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Horacio Vaggione - La Maquina De Cantar (Cramps, 1978; Ampersand, 2001)

Pictured above is the cover for the Cramps label release of Horacio Vaggione's La Maquina de Cantar as part of their Nova Musicha series. Vaggione is an Argentinian composer with a particular interest in granular synthesis and micromontage. The material here dates between 1971 and 1972 and is of the gloopy sci-fi spirally into oblivion variety. The title work predates his interest in micromontage, instead honing in on the synthesizing abilities of the IBM computer, giving way to heavily layered, reckless arpeggiation of synthetic textures. The second, aptly named "Ending", continues the sequenced madness, however on a Mini Moog and a Yamaha organ, opting for a spacier feel with a pulse that aims for the top of the head rather than the chest.

La Maquina de Cantar [rs]
La Maquina de Cantar [mu]


  1. you dropped this over a year ago & not one bleeding comment. the mind boggles. thanks hermano

  2. The truth is in the numbers, my man.

  3. Very nice !! Thanks !!