Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Christian Marclay - Footsteps (RecRec, 1989)

Christian Marclay is one of those for whom the line between sound and art is completely invisible. Take Footsteps, for instance: Marclay makes a one-sided LP comprised solely of footsteps, first steadily paced walking in hallways of The Clocktower in NY, then Keiko Uenishi's tap dancing feet are added as well. One its own, an interesting idea, though it doesn't quite have legs.

Next step: line the floor in one of the Shedhalle galleries in Zurich with the entire pressing of said LP. For visitors to reach the next gallery, they must walk through, in the process embedding the footstep-filled LP with even more footprints, as well as scratches and the remnants of dirty shoes. All the while, the record is never played.

Once the exhibition concludes, each record is its own entity, shaped and morphed by its presentation as an object, not a sound work. But the sound work itself tells the tale of its former life in an aleatory fashion. Certainly, the case could be made that its presentation here removes the work from its own lifespan. Perhaps then it's best to view this as merely a portrait.



  1. wonderful things you post here - but this in such a rush, that i fear you might be gone before you started!! ;)

    found your blog while researching about the cd "siemens-studio für elektronische musik", which i found today in a bargain-bin for almost nothing... so it goes!

    i'll put a link to you on my blog!

    cheers, lucky

  2. Wow, can't believe somebody let that one go! It's so much better than any other collection of that period in terms of just lack of stuffiness.

    I'll add you to my blog list as well. Thanks for doing that!