Thursday, March 12, 2009

Maciunas Ensemble - Number Made Audible (Het Apollohuis/Apollo, 1993)

Another Paul Panhuysen vehicle, this one named for Fluxus innovator George Maciunas and functioning more as a study in acoustics. Joined by Jan Van Riet, Leon van Noorden, and Mario Van Horrik on a number of handmade instruments (long-stringed duochords & monochords of wood and aluminum, modified guitars) as well as cellos, Panhuysen conjures rich harmonics and overtones through a variety of bowed and plucked techniques that aren't always tied to the drone. Often a steady mallet will drive the strings or in the case of the spring strings, a simple pluck is all that is needed for a variety of textural variations.

Hear ye!

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  1. Hey D, Can you repost this one? Very interested.
    Kevin M