Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ákos Rózmann - Impulsioni / De Två, Med Tre Instrument (Fylkingen, 1999)

Contained herein is a pair of Electro-acoustic compositions birthed some twenty years apart by one Ákos Rózmann. Rózmann was a Budapest-born composer who came to Stockholm in the mid 1970s to study at the Royal Universal College of Music. He planted root at EMS, putting their arsenal to use for a long list of monumental recordings. Throughout this time, Rózmann also acted as organist in the Stockholm Catholic Cathedral.

Impulsioni marks his entry point into Electro-acoustic music, a trio of three minute dual channel alchemy from 1973. De Två, Med Tre Instrument (Two, with Three Instruments) is a prime example of Rózmann's interest in sampled acoustic instruments, pairing eagle swoops of what are presumably organ and violin sounds with his own manipulated voice. Both works were realized at EMS, though Impulsioni required a trip to the Royal Universal College of Music as well.

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