Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Makoto Kawabata - Musique Cosmique Electro-Acoustique (Qbico, 2002)

Among his fondest early musical memories, Makoto Kawabata cites transmissions from NHK Radio of Stockhausen. Of particular interest were the frequencies Stockhausen tended toward, which Kawabata likens to a long-lasting ringing in his own ears since childhood. This small part of his history certainly softens the blow of Musique Cosmique Electro-Acoustique, a zap and splat heavy affair that calls to mind Acid Mothers Temple stripped of everything but the ultra cosmic synth work. Except there are no synths to be found here: the sounds were all conjured by direct contact with effects pedal circuitry.

Musique Cosmique Electro-Acoustique

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