Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Joe Jones - Meditations 18.2 (Slowscan, 2001)

At the risk of utter cheese, Joe Jones could have made a big name for himself with the dawning of the Green Movement, had he only lived to see the day. As early as 1962, he was crafting the sort of solar-powered musical automatons heard on this November 1989 recording from Middleburg, Holland. His solar orchestras are well-versed in the playing of drums, zithers, xylophones, and various bells and chimes. The often cacophonous performances begin with a steady drum pulse before ascending into what could easily be mistaken for a Balinese gamelan in a poorly synchronized clock shop. The solar component enabled Jones to structure day long concerts, beginning as the sun rose and slowly coming to a halt as the sun set. Xebec Sound Arts conducted an entertaining if brief interview with Jones which you can find here.

While you read it, you can also listen.

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