Thursday, March 26, 2009

Graham Lambkin - Poem (for Voice & Tape) (Kye, 2001)

Graham Lambkin, "Faces"

Graham Lambkin has involved himself in all matters of visual and audible activities for what is eerily coming close to two decades. Bands were his mode of operation for much of the 90s, when you could find him at the helm in the Shadow Ring, Footprint, and Tart, as well as often rearing his head on Idea Fire Company releases and performances. The last several years have seen Lambkin drifting out on his own or at most in duo settings, and this album is among the earliest of those. The idea is a streamlined one: atop a stream of running water (a common motif for Lambkin), most likely a gentle rain, a recording of some recitation by Lambkin is played. However, the tape is played incredibly slow, rendering his voice enormously low and indecipherable. His enunciations become lurching tonal masses and the room sound takes on deep droning.

Poem (for Voice & Tape)


  1. Thank you for this dl. I'm new to his music and I find it as fascinating as I've ever heard.

  2. Thank you so much for turning me on to Graham Lambkin!

  3. @balloons: If this is the first Lambkin you've heard, you're in for an enormous treat. In the last few years, he's released several weird, beautiful recordings, both solo and paired with Jason Lescalleet. He also has ties to Idea Fire Company and the Shadow Ring, both of whom are brilliant in very different ways.