Monday, November 23, 2009

Demetrio Stratos - Cantare La Voce (Cramps, 1978)

One more entry from the Nova Musicha series. Demetrio Stratos is most known for his work with seminal Italian prog band Area, but also conducted expansive vocal research in phonetics and ethnomusicology. Cantare La Voce is his second solo entry, deeply reliant on his limber vocal range and mutliphonic abilities. The opening "Investigazioni" showcases Stratos employing both diplophony and triplophy, though it's alleged that he could even produce four simultaneous voices. For Stratos, maximizing the voice's potential, freeing it of all natural restraint, had political and psychological implications. Elsewhere on the album, Stratos layers his voice work in ways reminiscent of tape music, though rest assured it all originated from his chest and throat.

Cantare La Voce

Monday, November 9, 2009

Miguel Angel Coria - En Rouge Et Noir (Cramps, 1976)

A baffling prepared piano vignette by way of Cramps' Nova Musica series, pounded out by an otherwise unheard of maestro by the name of Miguel Angel Coria. Not quite sure how Coria has rigged his piano, but it almost sounds as though a rake head was laid inside. Alternately sparse and frantic, Coria varies between dizzying sweeps and runs, stumpy chords, and a repetitious hand-and-peck typist approach. Progressively, the vibes grow weirder, as what are either tape treatment or ghost tones emerge and Coria's playing becomes less and less frequent. Comes as a whole or in easily rearranged pieces.

En Rouge et Noir

Mixed Band Philanthropist - The Man Who Mistook A Real Woman For His Muse And Acted Accordingly 7" (Hypnagogia, 2003)

Might be the puritan in me, but I'm a bit bashful about offering this up. Starts off fine, just a tumbling ball of TV snippets, giggling children, and leftover cartoon effects. Then a minute and a half in--out comes the weiner jokes, and it's Benny Hill subbing for Vicki Bennett on Do or DIY. The pace is such that once they start coming, it's an outright flood. The flip side keeps up the pace, still rough and tumble but does so with a sense of decency. These two sides date back to 1983, a year or so prior initial work on The Impossible Humane.

The Man Who Mistook A Real Woman For His Muse And Acted Accordingly