Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Henk Badings / Dick Raaijmakers - Electronic Music (Epic, 1961)

A tag team effort from two of the heavyweights in Dutch tape music coming straight out of the mean streets of the Philips Electronic Studio in Eindhoven. Badings founded the studio in 1956. I still have a hard time fathoming that Epic released this, though I know those were different times. The three Badings contributions cover a wide expanse, beginning with a violin-based electro-acoustic piece and continuing with a pair of oscillator-heavy wig outs, one for quadraphonic sound (rendered all the way down to a paltry stereo here) and the other boasting use of every possible piece of equipment in Philips (sine wave generators, sawtooth generator, noise generator, pulse generators, modulators, filters, reverberation apparatus, concrete sound sources!). Raaijmakers, by contrast, offers a brief push-pull study beginning in a fairly conventional structure that ascends to some of the drastic and wild jump-cuts that earned Raaijmaker the love of kids and adults alike.

Give it a listen.


  1. thanks for thi sone and the waiszvis LP, looking for it for a long time!!! How about the tapemusic 3CD set by Dick Raaijmakers?? would be great. thank you!!

  2. happy to be of service. you'll find the raaijmakers box right here.