Monday, March 23, 2009

Francis Dhomont - Frankenstein Symphony (Asphodel, 1997)

A high momentum, stitched-together mash of personal and student works from Dhomont, a heavyweight in the INA-GRM arena. The project began when a compilation curated by Dhomont was proposed, to which Dhomont scoffed. Perhaps objecting to the removing of context that a compilation can impose, he opted instead to assemble a new context for a selection of otherwise dislocated pieces. Scrapping together parts from 22 composers in total, Dhomont created a four part work with no filtering, only cut and splice assemblage, resulting in a potent but disruptive work that functions well beyond the sum of its parts.

Frankenstein Symphony


  1. Please help spread the word: Francis Dhomont. Oct 30. 7pm. ISSUE Project Room. NYC.

  2. Dhomont! One of my favourites, too.Thank you very much!