Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tony Schwartz - The New York Taxi Driver (Columbia, 1959)

Another masterwork from the always brilliant Tony Schwartz, this among his earliest. He hopped in the back of New York's taxis, mic in hand, setting to tape a wild array of stories and musings, editing to portray the drivers as modern day sages. A narrator sets the tone and subject, then it's left to the drivers to set the listener straight. Where works like A Dog's Life made possible what is commonly viewed as NPR-style radio-journalism, The New York Taxi Driver set the stage for Taxi Cab Confessions.

The New York Taxi Driver


  1. Thanks a lot for all the great Tony Schwartz LPs you've been offering here. I'm in the process of uploading some of his amazing sound works on my own blog as well. Good to see more of his stuff available online. I've added your excellent blog to my favorite links.

  2. Can't wait to crack into your Schwartz haul today. Looks really great. Schwartz is easily one of my favorite people in the world.

    And thanks for the kind words. I'm a long time fan of your blog, so your encouragement is duly noted and greatly appreciated. Scrapping together a blogroll as I type.

  3. ha - continuo has been here, too! i just wanted to drop the link to this one at your schwartz-post ;)