Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hugh Davies - Tapestries (Ants, 2005)

Hugh Davies is probably best known as an improviser and an inventor of bizarre instruments, but all of his activities tie back to his early interest in electronic music. He served for many years as Stockhausen's personal assistant and following that acted as archivist for GRM. Point of the matter being, it should be no stretch of the imagination that Davies tucked a few tape compositions under his belt. The bulk of material here dates back to his time in the 1980s at Goldsmiths' College. Heard amidst these pieces are almost graceful semitone ascensions that convey a level of experience gathered while working under Stockhausen. Included as well is a fine piece of sonic ecology from 2000, roughly five years before Davies' unfortunate passing.

Have a listen.

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