Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Solid Eye - When The Snowman Starts To Talk (Senseworks, 1997)

Third or so missive from LAFMS luminaries Solid Eye, the warp and warble trio of Joseph Hammer, Rick Potts, and Steve Thomsen. Following their previous overlaps--i.e. Dinosaurs with Horns and Swan Trove--gives an indication of the direction, but as is to be expected with this lot, little stock can be put on expectations. They wade in a pool of sound that is both murky and colorful, rife with Hammer's expertise with the tape, Potts' ability to render instruments unidentifiable via various household accoutrement, and Thomsen's ear for the absurd. The resulting improvised collages dish up the cosmic schmaltz as if the kettle were bottomless.

When the Snowman Starts to Talk