Wednesday, April 15, 2009

V/A - Sleepers (Finnadar, 1985)

Sleepers is a collection of lullabies from Ilhan Mimaroglu's Finnadar label. As such, the pieces are gentle and often hushed, with the most notable exception coming from Mimaroglu's own rhythm machine-ushered sleepsong. The other all arc is toward vocal pieces, with exceptions made for the occasional flute and clarinet. Annea Lockwood earns the award for Most Germane, with her three piece chorus providing dulcet tones of soothing, repetitive syllables of Samoan. Pauline Oliveros provides one of her always fascinating deep listening exercises with audience participation. As is often the case with these pieces, beautiful results emerge from her simple, introspective instructions: "Hum the sound of pleasure as if you were serenading your best loved with the MMM sound by adding vowels and dipthongs between the M's using any repetitions or prolongations...stay open to your own sensations and imagine gradually expanding your awareness to sensing your surroundings..." The piece is performed by the Queens College Choral Society.

A1 Doris Hays - Hush
A2 Annea Lockwood - Malolo
A3 Ilhan Mimaroglu - Sleepsong For Sleepers
A4 Daniel Goode - The Red And White Cows
B1 Tom Johnson - Lullaby
B2 Pauline Oliveros - Lullaby For Daisy Pauline
B3 Alison Knowles - Mantra For Jessie
B4 Ann Silsbee - Go Gentle



  1. I appreciate your efforts here. This blog is huge. Some very wonderful and interesting things.

  2. agreed. but shit.
    slow down.
    let us catch up.
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    TAKE IT!

  3. i just remenber peter roehr a dutch pop artist
    here the sound :

    friend of thomas bayrle.....



  4. Thanks a million, Rainier! I've been looking for that Peter Roehr recording for months.

  5. my pleasure
    I Scan original covert later
    and do you have "On Peter roehr" whatness 007


  6. Man, this is another analog recording I was hoping to get around to importing into digital, but alas you've done it again! Thanks so much DB!

  7. Wow, thank you so much! This looks superb.