Monday, April 6, 2009

Michel Chion - On N'Arrête Pas Le Regret (INA-GRM, 1996)

One of Chion's more whimsical works, On N'Arrête Pas Le Regret is built from three pieces all dealing in some way with childhood. Spanning thirteen years of work, the trio of works function as an ode to his formative years and to the influences of Debussy, Bartok, and Schumann, respectively. The pieces are built on easily flowing narratives and reflect Chion's prowess with short form works. The opening "Sambas Pour Un Jour De Pluie" is built on an interlocking of synth pulse with spiraling violin glissando, with a story loosely reflecting the experiences of a small child sitting at a kitchen table unraveling underneath. "La Machine À Passer Le Temps" is purported to be Chion's first concrète piece, a steady flow of plinkings from glasses, strings, and other objects. The titular piece is classic Chion, five scenes meticulously structured but deeply immersed in his playful approach to sound. The teaming of these three pieces really cater to Chion's knack for invoking a place or idea with vivid and imaginative strokes.

On N'Arrête Pas Le Regret


  1. Great stuff! Would love to hear 'Préludes A La Vie' or 'Dix-sept Minutes' :)

  2. nice !

    / metek

  3. Your blog is great!! I'm really interested on musique concrète and I'm discovering here Texte-sound and Sound poetry... Do you have per chance more Chion's Cds? It's impossible to get Preludes a la vie, neither on the web of Empreintes Digitales!! Thank you very much for sharing this music...!

  4. I believe I have more Chion I could put up. Give me a little time to sort it all out. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words.

  5. I've just posted "Préludes à la vie" at my blog :

    Hope you'll enjoy it.