Friday, November 5, 2010

Christian Zanési - Le Paradoxe de la Femme-Poisson (INA-GRM, 1998)

Christian Zanési is one of my favorites among the later generation of GRM affiliates. He's at his best when exploring the more ethereal side of tape music, particularly in his ability to travel and inhabit space along the stereo spectrum. Le Paradoxe de la Femme-Poisson is his soundtrack to a Michel Kelemenis dance piece of the same name, which he realized at the Groupe de Musique Expérimentale in Marseille, France. The piece takes heavy cues from Homer's sirens, with Marjolaine Reymond's dreamy "mermaid" voice often dominating the sonic background. However, much of Zanési's touch here seems highly influenced by human movement, his sounds very acrobatic in nature. In addition, there is a very strong, albeit surreal, sense of place to the piece. While Le Paradoxe... is not his best (For me, that honor belongs to Stop! L'Horizon), the work certainly plays to his strengths and proves that imagination is still a strong presence in tape music.

Le Paradoxe de la Femme-Poisson & in .flac 1 & 2


  1. Oh, that's splendid. Thanks a bunch!
    I got Stop! L'Horizon from your blog as well and found it utterly beautiful. Hence my request for more. Stop! reminded me a lot of recent Robert Hampson's work, although the insprirations are obviously in the reverse direction.

    Will give this a very close listen.
    All the best,


  2. I bought 'Stop! L'Horizon' long time ago,and it is one of my favorites, and have Grand Bruit on metamkine mini cd. Never find anything else in flac on net. Thank you!!!

  3. Hi, good to find lossless posts , it would be event better to see past posts re-upped in lossless format , if you keep the originals of course.

    keep the good work up.


  4. can you please re-upload?

  5. Im assuming this blog is abandoned, but I really wish I could hear both of his albums that were posted on here.. if anyone out there wants to re-upload please .... ...

  6. @Jean-Luc - I've re-uploaded the mp3s files and will get the flacs replaced soon. Look for the other Zanesi to get replaced soon as well.

    I haven't abandoned the blog, btw. Just been too busy and don't exactly know where to turn for uploads these days. Look for a little bit of activity next week.

  7. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. For some reason I just thought to look at this bookmark months later. I wasn't notified of your comment. Anyway, thank you!!! p.s. I wasn't accusing you of abandoning this blog, just lamenting what is understandably the usual response to all these attacks on online music-sharing, etc. Be well