Monday, July 20, 2009

Laurent Pernice - Humus - Musiques Immobiles 5-15 (Monochrome Vision, 2004)

French composer Laurent Pernice recorded these ten pieces in Marseille between 1999 and 2001. He began each with a simple process, toying with an instrument until he arrived at some sound or approach that stepped beyond that instrument's usual parameters. Passages from these experiments are then looped and processed, creating undulating masses that lie on the brink of stasis. Though Pernice begins primarily with acoustic sources, the outcome sounds unmistakably electronic. The pieces that incorporate dips into extremely low frequencies are particularly effective, carrying an energy less present in many of these hovering works.

Humus - Musiques Immobiles


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  2. Thank you very much. Lots of nice finds on your blog as well. Really love that Minimal Man record. I'll likewise link to you.

  3. Would there be any chance at all of you re-posting this file? I'd love to listen to this hard to find gem!